#foi13 welcomes game changers in politics and social media

BU3eDUfCMAAXHfKThis edition of Frontiers of Interaction 2013 is dedicated to game changers, so we were pretty exicted at the idea of exploring how new media are changing our political behaviours, hlping everyone to access information, participate and have a stronger voice in the political debate.

It has been a wonderful night thanks to our guests Betsy Hoover, Serena Danna and Antonella Napolitano who have been speaking about e-democracy and politics engagement in social media, but also about the influence of online programs in politics, women in tech and Big Data.

To have an idea of what we’ve been saying, here’s a list of the most significant things discussed last night.

Antonella Napolitano gave us a brief but robust intro helping us framing how online and offline do not diverge and how social media have compelled and helped out people to empower themselves.

Online campaign director of Obama, Betsy Hoover also talked about the importance of shared visions in online programs and how essential they are for creating the right mood in a group of people, also, just like for startups, building a perfect team with different skills is crucial for final success. She stated that the best way to motivate people to vote is to understand the real target and it’s needs (just like product marketing, right?). She also explained how the NSA scandal won’t change our behavior in social media nor affecting voting at next election (hum, we would argue that actually…).

Until a short time ago we didn’t fully understand the real potential of big data and we instead thought we could use social media data. According to Serena Danna that did not worked well.
Serena also framed the situation in Italy where political parties and politicians overall, use social media as a one-way channel, not truly joining a conversation. With the exception of M5S, whose coherence in online and offline communication turned out to be winning at the past gov election.

Tag Milano’s terrace has been able to create the perfect atmosphere for a friendly aperitif with our guests and all the attendees. And we’re truly happy of it.

The Frontiers Team would like to thank all the people who contributed to the outcome of the evening and expects you to come to Frontiers of Interaction 2013 for two days of innovation, design, exploration of future technologies.

Special thanks to US Consulate General Milan, Girl Geek Dinners Milano, Pelissero Wines and Davide Bocelli.

See more comments and a complete twitter timeline of the event on Tagboard here.



Sketch by Margherita Pagani
Pic above by Donatella Cambosu and Marcello Merlo

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