#foi13 public preview and a night with Betsy Hoover
On occasion of Frontiers of Interaction 2013 public preview, on September 23rd, we are organising an evening to talk about how Social Media has influenced and changed the public participation in political life and, inevitably, during the elections. From the … Continue reading
Peers and resiliency: Simone Cicero at #foi13
Disruptions happen every day, overnight: if no attention is dedicated to build a resilient ecosystem around your enterprise, the possibility to get disrupted is increasing and, sometimes, it may even come directly from your very same profit maximization strategy. We … Continue reading
Art is Open Source occupies #foi13
Occupy #foi13. The eclectic, and internationally acclaimed, artists Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana “Penny” Persico will take stage at Frontiers of Interaction 2013. The founding members of Art is Open Source – an informal network born in 2004 to promote artistic, … Continue reading
Speaker: Vincent Sider, BBC, VP of Social Media
Happy to announce that Vincent Sider will join us! Vincent works as Vice President of Social Media at BBC Wolrdwide and his activities include Social Media Security, Strategy and Innovation. In addition to Online Marketing and Social Marketing he has … Continue reading
Speaker: Mark Rigley, concept cars and reality check
Winner of Best In Show at CES 2012, Mark Rigley, Concept Development Group Manager at QNX, joines foi13 speakers roster, for the “Automotive Reloaded” session. Mark is bringing a whole new perspective to the mobility industry, creating  new concepts developing real benefit … Continue reading
Keynoter: Richard Wurman, creator of TED Conference
Richard Saul Wurman, the legendary founder of TED Conference, will be keynoter at Frontiers of Interaction 2013. Last September, he unveiled his latest creation: the WWW.WWW Conference, “a celebration of improvised conversation,” that took place in Redlands, California. Wurman eliminated the usual … Continue reading
#foi13 speakers revealed!
Happy and proud to announce #foi13 speakers lineup, featuring a mix of technologists, designers, authors, academics, futurists. Or simply put: exciting, brightest minds and finest thinkers. Richard Saul Wurman Designer – TED, founder Dave Gray Author, Founder of Limnl – … Continue reading
#foi13 Here are the topics
Once again Frontiers of Interaction is covering emerging cutting-edge technologies that are disrupting the world as we know it, along with future trends that will shape it. The dramatic times we are facing are coming along with exponentially accelerating technologies … Continue reading