Caterina Falleni Caterina Falleni
Executive Director - Axelera

Caterina Falleni

Caterina Falleni is a 24 year old industrial & product designer, persistent thinker, problem solver, maniacal organizer and aspiring entrepreneur.

She likes to take each project as a challenge, Caterina graduated in product and communication design at ISIA Firenze and worked at WAACS Design & Consultancy in Rotterdam, Netherlands, in Tanzania as interior designer and photographer and now she’s Axelera Executive Director.

Caterina won the Singularity University / Axelera Global Impact Competition in Italy with ‘Freeijis project’ for the Graduate Studies Program 2012 at Singularity University, at NASA Ames Research Center in California.

This transdisciplinary program combines 10 weeks of outstanding business leaders and academics from around the world to develop solutions to solve the greatest challenges facing humanity.

Caterina is a sailor since she was seven years old.

Session: Workshop


God save the drone! Preparing for drones invasion

The drones revolution is just beginning. UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) were used by military historically, but now this has changed with a growing movement for using drones for non-combat purposes. The DIY drones movement help individuals, schools and organizations make UAVs for civilian uses such as aerial photography, mapping, archeology and research. Anish Mohammed and Caterina Falleni Singularity University Alumni will let the participants vision and co-design new, desirable futures about how drones could integrate with other services to enhance our everyday life. Which are the risks and opportunities to involve drones in our daily activities? Which will be the most impacted market in this sector? After a short introduction to drones story, evolution and case histories, participants will divide into groups and create visions and scenarios. Get ready for the disruptive invasion of drones. No specific tech skills required just add your visioning and creativeness!

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