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CEO - Aupeo!

Holger Weiss

Holger has had over ten years of experience managing various technology-driven companies focusing on consumer centric services.  He helped develop gate5, a company specializing in mobile navigation, which was then acquired by Nokia in 2006.  Holger later took the position of CEO at AUPEO! Personal Radio in 2010, a company he had been supporting as a board member since it was founded only two years prior. In spring 2013 AUPEO! was acquired by Panasonic.
In addition Holger shares his learnings and experience by actively supporting young entrepreneurs and start-up companies.

twitter: @travlR

Session: Workshop


The next billion - what business models will work in a connected car ecosystem?!

The connected car will change the automotive industry more than anything else over the past 100 years. We will see whole new services and industries forming around that trend within the next years. Given the size of the automotivesector as well as the dimension the car plays in our daily lives, a multi billion dollar business opportunity will arise. So far the theory...however, today the revenues from connected cars are minimal and three are no clear directions to be identified. The workshop intends to investigate what business model can work and which part of the value chain will pay, which not.

Session: Talk


The boundaries of the connected car: closed ecosystems vs open platforms.

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