vanGeel_profielfoto-250x250 Jeroen van Geel
Interaction Director and Partner - Oak & Morrow

Jeroen van Geel

Jeroen van Geel is the interaction director and partner at the brand new strategic design studio Oak & Morrow.
He has many years of experience in the field as an interaction designer, strategist and agile scrum master. Jeroen is an international speaker and writer on the field of interaction design and has a great interest in the world of product personality.
He has pushed forward many design projects, ranging from the award winning products and services for Dutch public transport authority 9292 to the innovative automated border control systems at Schiphol Airport.

His goal is to return a bit of wonder into the world, even if it is just for himself.

Session: Workshop


Design products with a presonality

  All products have a personality. Some are cute and funny to interact with, while others come across as serious and authoritative. We can use personality traits to influence the way people feel about a product and brand, but we must understand how to do this the right way. In this fun and practical workshop you will learn what it means to design products with the right personality. We will kick-off with some theory, after which we will design a product with an awesome personality, designed by you!   Outcomes: Participants will leave this workshop with: • A basic understanding of the psychology and power of product personality; • Practical ideas on how to approach and apply product personality in your day-to-day business.

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