Kyle Seaman Kyle Seaman
Sr. Product Consultant - NTT Data

Kyle Seaman

Kyle Seaman is a Senior Product Designer at NTT Data and an early-stage startup advisor in Boston. He joined NTT in early 2012 to help lead their Gamification practice, working with clients from Health IT, Financial Services and Commercial sectors. Previously, Kyle was co-founder and CEO of HighScore House, a venture-backed, family tech startup.

Kyle studied at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, where he was VP of the school’s Honor Society, recipient of the Nicol Entrepreneurial Award and a TEDx Speaker. Kyle is also an iPhone developer and an Arduino builder.

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From Geekdom Obscurity to Mainstream Culture

Products that appeal to "geeks" often miss the mark with everyday consumers. However companies like Fitbit, Sphero and Nest have all managed to transform an initially technical product into a hugely successful and sought-after consumer item. How can we, as designers and technologists, bring a product out of geekdom obscurity and into mainstream culture?

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